Design your world
with color that sticks!

Colors. We live in a world of colors.
Squinting at the bright sun passing through tree leaves. City lights twinkling in star-studded skies.
The gradation of shadows in the still of the night.
How fun would it be if you could just grasp the color around you and express it your own way?
Well, we happen to have the answer.
It’s called “HARU stuck-on design”.
Design your world with colors that stick!

Sticking, stretching, taping freely.
Applying colorful adhesive tapes is so much fun.
Name any surface, from walls to furniture,
shelves and shop floors, and even artistic installations in 3D. Draw colorful lines to overlay and overlap,
sharing and following your senses and feelings,
and then removing them without a trace.
You can then start over again to create an infinite number of new designs.

A new design tool is born! Over 200 years ago,
Goethe experimented with colors and
how they could influence our emotions and psyche.
And today, we have come up with colorful tapes to create emotionally infused spaces by reinventing
the technologies of Nitto that has long been used
for industrial purposes including medical
and electrical environments.

HARU stuck-on design

The HARU philosophy is based on 8 color families that allow for new methods of expression.
A combination of different colors, patterns and textures never seen before in such conceptual variety offers many new possibilities for creative individuals and professionals. “HARU stuck-on design” hopes to inspire
a new way of designing & styling spaces.






HARU stuck-on design ——

A whole new range of colors invented
with a new take on design.

Since ancient times, color has fascinated mankind, always influencing us subconsciously and symbolizing our culture in different ways. To evoke and enhance our creativity, we have analyzed and brought together a myriad of colors to play with. Here, our experts have come up with an impressive range of subtle shades and color tones.

The philosophy in our color families. Colors evoke our memories. It has an energizing and stimulating effect on our innate senses. Moreover, our eyes can recognize different shades of light and subtle gradation in brightness. In contrast, small differences can at times dramatically change the impression of the world around us. Taking all this into account, HARU’s 8 color families were composed of those elementary colors engraved in our memories, along with timeless and universally applicable patterns.



カラーファミリーに込めた思想 色は人の記憶を呼び起こし、固有の感覚に訴えるエネルギーを持ちます。また、人間の視覚は光と影、かすかな明暗と濃淡を識別し、その微細なコントラストが織りなす変化の妙は、時に世界の印象を一変させます。 こうした知見にもとづき、「人間の記憶に刻まれた根源的な色彩」を表す8種類のカラーファミリーと、普遍性を湛えたグラフィックパターンをご用意しました。

A forest found deep
in our memories.

In all shades of green! There’s the bright green
vibrant underneath the strong sun and the darkest
shade of verde on the verge of turning black. The color of moss hugging a tree trunk is different from green leaves reflecting on the river waters. Since ancient times,
we have always looked to the forest for inspiration.
Here, we have collected a wide variety of greens
from the world around us.



Shining lips like
luscious fruit.

Red is such a fascinating color.
It has its allure and danger, like an inviting fruit or
the blood of an animal. We have come up with
a variety of reds. Lips painted red,
like the favorite rouge of a legendary actress.
Pink like the welcoming of spring, and a bright mischievous scarlet against tan skin.
We have a variety of reds that highlight our lives.



The ocean shows us
endless expressions.

The ocean is like a mother that has nurtured
life on this earth. Clear water changes in appearance depending on how the light shines in;
how deep it pierces through and how the weather tempers with the light. We have all types of blues from the ocean, like its abysmal darkness,
to waves glistening on the surface,
and the foam softly caressing the shores.



How the sun shines
on the earth.

The sun provides us with life on mother earth.
Its light gives us energy,
and also forms shadows as it reflects
on the sand, soil and water.
Here, we have a wide range of yellows that
shows some of these reflections.
Each color shows us a different type of energy.



A lingering shadow from
nostalgic times.

Dried flowers carry an uncertain beauty.
Its faint color is reminiscent
of the times we’ve lost.
The nonchalant passivity in these achromatic
colors inspired this part of our collection.
We chose a unique path by selecting some
subdued tones instead of more saturated colors.



A sheer brightness
that elates us

These bright colors excite us and never
fail to arouse our emotion.
Although we are used to seeing it at its
maximum color saturation, we were able to explore
the perfect tint, maintaining a strong radiance.
You will find it bright enough even when
the tape is rolled out and sticking.



Finding a fascinating and
mysterious glow.

The glow has fascinated people since
the history of mankind.
Gold, silver and precious stones have this subtle shimmer, which is sometimes seductive,
sometimes cold. In the process,
we have added more shimmer than conventional products to achieve a texture much deeper
and much clearer.



Achromatic colors between
light and shadow.

Find a profound world you can only see
when no light is allowed to pass.
There is that faint shadow you can only make out when your eyes have adjusted to the dark.
And there’s the misty air that hangs subtle and deep,
and the absolute light that stands out against a purest white. How thick is that range of solemn grey between black and white? You will find that too.



Geometric patterns with
a universal style.

Graphic patterns repeat themselves to fool the eye
in creating successive images.
And geometric patterns added to a range of bold
colors will only create more possibilities.
Here, you will find some basic patterns, like dots, etc.



Traditional patterns reflecting
Japanese spirituality.

Traditional Japanese patterns display
the spirituality communicated in the culture.
The hemp leaf pattern, of which
represents the plant’s life force, has been
a talisman to protect one from evil.
By overlaying and overlapping transparent tapes with traditional patterns, you can invent new scenes.
Find your own beauty through different combinations.



The three materials to choose from.

The essence of this new collection has been made
possible with our technology. Each material influences color, pattern and functionality (easy to come off,
but with a lasting hold). Such functions were made
possible with our experience in developing
various kinds of tapes. So we came up with 3 different materials to meet your different needs.



washi tape

Japanese washi paper can be thin but quite strong.
By incorporating this material, the tape can be easily torn with your hands, while still enjoying the matte finish
and soft washi texture.



PET tape

PET tape was developed for markings on hospital and gym-floors. The surface is glossy. Strong adhesive and easy removal without leaving traces reflects our technology.



OPP tape, transparent

Made of material with a washi-like texture, the transparent part blends with the tape below, allowing the beautiful patterns to stand out. A variety of rich expressions is made possible by overlaying tapes of different material. Our technology allows us to provide you with the fine texture and adhesive strength best suited for your needs.



Four sizes for many purposes.

Representing our full range of “stuck-on design”,
you have 4 different sizes to choose from,
for decorating furniture to entire walls.




This is the standard width for
tapes: i.e. packing, floor protection and marking tapes. Not only for walls and floors, it works well with decorating furniture and smaller objects.
(Available in washi tape/PET tape)




This size best represents our range of “HARU stuck-on design”.
Make your walls and floors look completely different and new.
Design with a whole new variety of colors. (Available in washi tape/
PET tape/OPP tape, transparent)


「HARU stuck on design」の中心サイズ。壁や床に貼ることで空間の印象を一新します。複数色の組み合わせ表現にも最適です。


The best size for creating color
designs on walls. Be bold and ambitious with your designs by mixing colors.
Overlay and overlap for a full effect. (Available in washi tape only)




This is ideal for large wall surfaces. Create interiors and spaces like
a professional. It’s so much easier than wallpaper and paint.
(Available in washi tape only)




Design by SPREAD


SPREAD is a creative unit creating new
forms of design by incorporating all kinds
of memories. Widely engaging in various
fields and providing a broad range of solutions to society featuring “color and concept” as their main approach.
Their iconic art work “Life Stripe” which expresses life styles with colors and stripe patterns have been showcased in many exhibitions around the world.

小林弘和と山田春奈によるクリエイティブユニット。環境・生物・物・時間・歴 史・色・文字、あらゆる記憶を取り入れその記憶から境界を越えて「SPREAD=広がる」クリエイティブを行う。「カラーとコンセプト」を特徴にロゴ、CDジャケット、展覧会などのグラフィック、プロダクト、パッケージのデザイン&ディレクションに広く関わり、常に社会提案を心がける。生活の記録をストライプで表現する「Life Stripe」を2014年より発表。スパイラルガーデン(東京/2012)、ミラノフオリサローネ(イタリア ミラノ/2012-15)、RappazMuseum(スイス バーゼル/2014)など世界中で展覧会を開催している。主な受賞歴に、D&AD賞、red dot design賞、iF design賞、ドイツデザイン賞、Pentawards、アジアデザイン賞、グッドデザイン賞、日本パッケージデザイン大賞ほか。

Technology by Nitto Group / Nitoms


With a wide range of technologies nurtured over the years from electrical insulation material and adhesive tape-related businesses, the Nitto group has invented numerous high-functional sheets and
films based on ingenious combinations of those technologies to industorial,
medical, electrical and the other many fields.
As a consumer products division of
the group, Nitoms is manufacturing many products which apply those
technologies of the Nitto group.

粘着技術や塗工技術、高分子機能制御技術などの基幹技術をベースに シートやフィルムに様々な機能を付加し、幅広い領域で事業を展開している日東電工株式会社。その家庭用商品開発プロジェクトチームを母体として、1975 年、株式会社ニトムズ設立。日東電工グループの「感動品質」を世界のお客様に届けようと独創的な製品を産み出している。 粘着を応用した製品を展開し、日用雑貨、DIY業界へと進出。1983年に誕生した粘着カーペットクリーナー「コロコロ」の大ヒットで、ニトムズ・ブランドを確立。その後も、「快適・便利で・独創的な製品を生み出し、人々の暮らしに貢献する」の経営理念のもと、 住まいと暮らしに関わる多彩なホーム・プロダクツの開発、製造、販売を行なっている。

Art Direction & Design: SPREAD
Photo: Jingu Ooki, mripp
Text: Keita Fukasawa
Styling: Masato Kawai
Coordination: Naoki Sato
Translation: Kenichi Eguchi

アートディレクション&デザイン: SPREAD
写真: 神宮巨樹、mripp
テキスト: 深沢慶太
スタイリング: 川合将人
コーディネート: 佐藤直樹
翻訳: 江口研一



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